Conscious - Fair - Sustainable


Chaleca strives to generate better incomes for knitters in Bolivia while providing lasting exclusive knitwear to girls and boys, women and men.
All garments are designed in Sweden and produced by women in a knitting collective located in El Alto, a suburb to La Paz in Bolivia. The women make the garments on hand knitting machines and the most exclusive pieces fully by hand. The knitwear are produced at their common artisan studio or from the women’s homes since the women are responsible for taking care of their children and households. They keep in close contact with their knitters at Comunidad Andina Suma Satawi, without middle men.
The alpaca yarn is spun and dyed at the local spinning mill Coproca Bolivia. The alpaca animals graze freely in the Bolivian highlands. The suppliers of the fibre only use hand shearing technique for taking the fibre from the animals, which is not harmful.

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