Kari Kari - Conscious-Fair-Sustainable


Ana Paola is a Mexican born designer and entrepreneur, her mission with Raffia is to empower local communities by enabling artisans to gain economic independence.
After moving to New York in 2012 she followed her studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a degree in textile development & marketing. After graduating she went on to gain experience in the industry by interning and working at some of the most prestigious fashion retailers in New York: Moda Operandi and Kirna Zabete. She then decided to take on a new project after being immersed in the fashion industry and having eye opening experiences during her studies and travels by learning in depth about the manufacturing aspects of garments and textiles that are oftentimes harmful to the environment and social structures. After moving from New York to Paris for the summer and during a inspiring trip to Morocco Raffia was created, with the singular goal to make a change and have a positive impact on communities around the world.
“We need to give credit to the people behind the product, we need to keep traditions alive. We also have to go back to humanism, factories dehumanize their workers by alienating them from their own work. Raffia is looking to contribute by enabling artisans to gain independence while also giving them a space to be creative and put their love and care into the products they make“