Conscious - Fair - Sustainable


The Zurich based collective Soeder is selling everyday goods since 2013. They focus on care products that are one hundred percent self-made in their own factory in Schwerzenbach. The key is sustainability: Their products are durable, good for the environment – and suitable for whoever uses them. 
All soaps are made out of distilled water, essential oils, and oils from coconut, castor, hemp, olive, jojoba, and almond. All of them are sourced organically and certified. Honey from the Zürich Oberland and organic wheat act as regenerates, sea salt works antibacterial. Their soaps comprise 20 percent glycerine – that gives them pleasurably moisturizing effects. The scents come from essential oils like pine, grapefruit, or lavender. They do not uns any artificial or chemical additives.
They avoid plastics whenever possible and offer refill possibilities for most of their products.

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