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Recycled Helen Collection Green Love socks
Recycled Helen Collection Green Love socks
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Recycled Helen Collection Green Love socks

The True Rainbow socks are made from a careful selection of recycled cotton. As their name indicates, we have been inspired by the colourful and cheerful chromatic composition of the rainbow. These socks are the expression of the freedom of the wind and the purity of the sky. Hence, they represent the fight against air pollution caused by the release of harmful gases.
Indeed, we chose grey in the outside that represents this huge gas cloud that covers our atmosphere. However, we opted for colourful rainbow tones on the inside: red, blue and yellow. These yarns can be glimpsed from outside, representing the struggle on the sky to free itself from pollution.

Eco-friendly product
100% recycled cotton
Multicoloured yarn craft
Unique design
Beautiful glimpsed effect
Finely ribbed knit to get perfect fit
Durability and resistance

Recycled Cotton  90%
Polyamide 8%
Elastane 2%

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