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SFr. 17.50

Monoï Tiki Tamanu natural oil

Monoï TIKI Tamanu consists of 90% of Monoi de Tahiti ® A.O. and 10% natural Tamanu oil. It combines the healing properties of the Tamanu moisturizing and soothing of Monoï TIKI benefits. Particular, its healing and regenerative tissue properties are used in soothing superficial burns, and any other skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne...).

Due to its unique composition of coconut oil, Monoi Tiki gets solid at a temperature below 20° C, without loss of quality. To restore it to its liquid state, gently warm.

ECOCERT approved. 90% Monoi de Tahiti Tiki A.O. made in Tahiti, 10% Tamanu natural oil, Paraben-free, Phtalate-free.

120 ml.

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