7 thin engraved rings vermeil
7 thin engraved rings vermeil

7 thin engraved rings vermeil

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Weekly ring composed of 7 rings in vermeil handcrafted in Niger by Tuareg artisans.
A thin ring, for every day, every moment. The present runs its minutes along my fingers. I line them up one after the other. There are seven rings on this ring, the seven days of the week. 
Among the nomads, women wear weekly bracelets. There are 7 bracelets. On the first day of the week women pass a bracelet from one wrist to another, each day a bracelet is added to the first. So by counting the number of bracelets on a wrist they know what day of the week it is. 

Weight: 4.1g
Material: Vermeil (Solid 999 recycled silver coated with 5 microns of 24 carat gold)
Total width of the ring: 1cm
The light shadow silver is recycled, every time the silver melts the impurities in the metal melt and the silver purify itself that is why our metal is so pure and so clear.
Delivered in a kraft box.