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Belmont Socks
Belmont Socks
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Belmont Socks

Belmont socks are inspired by the name of a small boat of the 70´s. It was built of wood in a small carpentry of Riveira to the shores of the Atlantic. As such, they created a completely covered sock by thick horizontal stripes in dark and light gray tones.

They complete the design with a chromatic detail in the tip and in the heel, getting them a vibrant orange touch. Besides that, they use Egyptian cotton to create a soft, delicate and resistant texture. They also introduce elastic in all the socks getting a perfect fit and their hosiers finish the garment by hand to get a seamless sock. 

Hand-linked toe
Skin-friendly cotton
Optimum durability
Pilling resistance
Excellent perspiration
Perfect fit thanks to elastic in all the sock
Fashionable summer look
Egyptian combed cotton 96%
Polyamide 3%
Elastane 1%

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