Kari Kari - Conscious-Fair-Sustainable
SFr. 47.00


the motif featured in this design may look like a child’s drawing of a spaceship, but on a traditional kilim rug, it actually represents a so-called evil eye amulet, which protects its owner against malevolent glares.

get a pair and protect your junk!

our products are not exactly cheap. there are three reasons for that: one, we are a small label and produce small badges; two, some of the production takes place in switzerland (about 55% in terms of cost per unit in case of our boxer shorts); three, we use organic materials and the people who do all the sewing are paid fair or, as they say in romanian, echitabil wages.

the story of our boxer shorts illustrates production from three different angles:


we developed a prototype of the boxer shorts in cooperation with socialfabric.ch in zurich. the organic cotton fabric for production was ordered from turkey. in zurich, we cut the 200+ meters of poplin into screen printing friendly rectangles. siebdruck27.ch beautifully printed our designs in sweltering summer heat. all the materials and the sewing pattern, which was graded in the uk, were then shipped to romania, where maibine.org carefully sewed the shorts. after being shipped back to switzerland we, as a final touch, embroidered the l’n’l logo on the finished product. 

oh, and everything always got stuck at customs. ugh, customs!


here’s the full made in & of list (#whomademyclothes). and some explanations.

organic poplin fabric made of GOTS certified cotton: turkey
elastic waistband*: germany
buttons made of nacre**: china
polyester*** thread: germany
water based screen printing ink: belgium 

* it is not possible, to our knowledge, to find sustainable elastic, so it’s just standard.

** we thought they were organic, because we bought them from a company that sells organic materials. turns out they’re just “natural” and not necessarily organic and/or harvested responsibly. dropped the ball there. will investigate better next time.

*** organic cotton thread has a lower tensile strength than polyester thread, and the seams tend to break more easily when cotton thread is used. we used polyester thread, because we think that extending clothing life-cycles has a bigger impact than using organic thread.

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