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Forest Collection blue river socks
Forest Collection blue river socks
SFr. 29.00

Forest Collection blue river socks

Blue River socks represents the authentic Garden of Eden. Stunning mountains, waterfalls and lakes of turquoise and emerald green in whose waters reflected majestic landscapes. We use a blend of five coloured Egyptian cotton yarns where the orange warmth contrasts with green and blue tones. On one side, we use light blue and emerald green inspired in the sky, lakes and mountains. On the other hand we use orange, yellow and natural inspired in the sun and ground. 

High quality Egyptian cotton
Skin-friendly cotton
Optimum durability  
Pilling resistance
Excellent perspiration 
Pressure-free comfort
Elastically knit

Egyptian combed cotton 96%
Polyamide 3%
Elastane 1%


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