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SFr. 39.00

Hyaluron + Bloom Tropical Hydration Nectar

This wonderfully light, fast absorbed and soft nectar is the absolute hydration kick.

The small, pink magic elixir consists of pure moisture in the form of chamomile destilate, aloe vera juice and our all-time-favourite hibiscus extract. Concentrated, vegan hyaluronic acid in two molecule sizes as well as two more highly effective, moisturizing ingredients AND niacinamide ensure a maximum amount of hydration. Exotic cactus fig oil and babassu from the amazon area prevent the evaporation of the applied moisture and cool delightfully. Moisture and oils, without using emulsifiers, were carefully embedded in a soft gel texture and immediately get one wih your skin. Your skin will absorb the nectar within seconds and a sustainably moisturized skin will remain for the whole day. This is your perfect summer companion and can be used alone by itself or as an intensive serum underneath your day and/or nightcream.

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