ilot earrings
ilot earrings

ilot earrings

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The ilot earrings are stud earrings in 999 silver and bronze. Designed in Paris and handmade by Tuareg artisans in Niger.

The History of Island Loops: I drew these loops thinking of the shapes of the dunes that surround us in the Sahara. Ilot earrings cling to the lobes of the ears and embrace them.

Composition and weight: 999 silver and bronze buckles
Weight: 5.9g

Our approach : At Ombre Claire, the greatest luxury is the delicacy given to the little things, the finesse of the lines, the carvings, the care taken in the choice of materials. The elegance of Ombre Claire jewelry comes from the material, the knowledge of shared know-how and the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure. Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair process from one end of the production chain to the other.

The ilot Ombre Claire earrings are delivered in a kraft box, accompanied by a pretty card.