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Joshua Jeans Sky Used
Joshua Jeans Sky Used
SFr. 125.00

SFr. 175.00

Joshua Jeans Sky Used

Joshua is a regular and relaxed fit with a mid rise and has a light blue color. There is more room at the thighs for comfort. The legs are straight, with a legopening slightly bigger than John and Charles, but smaller than Ryan. Joshua has a light blue color which is stonewashed for a natural color gradient look. 
85% Organic cotton, 15% recycled cotton
Warp stretch
3/1 Right hand twill
12,5 oz
Fabric  from Calik, Turkey 

Whiskers at front and back
Scraping for worn in look
Super stone wash
Finished with a light spray and brush
Washed at Interwashing, Tunisia 

Made at Artlab, Tunisia

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