leaf hair clip
leaf hair clip
leaf hair clip
leaf hair clip

leaf hair clip

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"The leaf is, in plant morphology, the organ specializing in photosynthesis in vascular plants. It is inserted on the stems of the plants at the level of the nodes. It is also the seat of breathing ".

I learned to recognize plants by their leaves. I didn't learn that in school. It is often as a family that we learn to recognize trees, shoots and flowers. It is a knowledge that is passed on gently during walks and naps in the shade of a tree. 

This bronze hair jewel is a childish leaf, a memory cut out against the light in the blue of the sky that hangs over our heads.

Weight: 6 grams


Light shade:

At Ombre Claire, the greatest luxury is the delicacy given to small things, the delicacy of the lines, the carving, the care taken in the choice of materials. Elegance comes from the material, from the knowledge of shared know-how and from the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure.

Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach throughout the production chain.