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M92 merino knitted scarf black
M92 merino knitted scarf black
SFr. 89.00

SFr. 129.00

M92 merino knitted scarf black

You want to survive a freezy winter?

This cozy scarf does not leave your side during the chilly season. The high-quality, mulesing-free certified merino wool is smooth and feels soft while still being sturdy. Therefore this scarf is a good and stylish choice - not only for really frigid days. The length and width are perfectly chosen, so you can let it hang loose or wear it around your neck without feeling wrapped up. The striking colors will stand out and add a cozy detail to your warming cool look. 

100% fine merino wool, knitted, sheep-friendly, mulesing-free certified
soft and still sturdy
all natural fabric

Form & Fit:
170cm (67 inch) long
22cm (8.7 inch) wide
1/1 rib

originally woven swan label on the hem

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