powch leather lanyard in black
powch leather lanyard in black

powch leather lanyard in black

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Okay, we‘re not the first ones to introduce a key strap that turns your keys into a fashionable accessory. But not all key straps are made the same! Here are a few features that make ours stand out from the crowd:
They’re simple ,beautiful, and functional.
They come with a handy hook for any key you‘re keeping only temporarily, or which you would like to be able to conveniently detach from time to time.
They consists of two identical pieces. The regular version can be hung around your neck. But you can also take it apart and attach the single version to your belt loop, leaving you with less stuff to tuck into your pocket.
This versatile product isn’t only for keys. If you‘re one of those poor people who are forced to carry a badge at work, you can at least carry it with pride, with our key strap.
Strap Length: 45 cm
Handmade in Zürich