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Socks army/natural melange
Socks army/natural melange
Socks army/natural melange
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Socks army/natural melange

A loyal companion for all occasions.

The socks from MbS made from 100% cotton always ensure a good poise.

The manually linked seam in the toe area offers highest wearing comfort and the additional reinforcement, offset by colour, at the heel and toe area, provides endurance.

100% pure cotton
natural material for best skin comfort
slip proof-robust and all the same comfortable feel

Form & Fit:
shank height ideal for boots: the upper end is still visible and sets colour accents
exellent wearing comfort
slip-proof, comfortable leg fit
long-lasting through reinforcements at the heel and the tip

heel and tip reinforcements offset by color
manually linked seam in the front area, therefore very comfortable
excellent skin comfort by means of gentle finishing
eco-friendly due to omission of industrial prewash
manufactured in Germany

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