Wide-leg Wool Pants black
Wide-leg Wool Pants black

Wide-leg Wool Pants black

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01/2 – wide legs, and a high waist result in a slightly masculine shape. These pants are perfect for everyday or more. Team them up with the 01/1 Wool Blazer and suit up.

Transparency is essential to us, and therefore we are quite clear about the costs of each item. From designing the samples with our master tailor to pattern making, the cost of the fabric as well as the cost of the hardware (e.g. button, linings, threads), the manufacturing costs to marketing costs (including the photographer, model, location, hair, and make-up artist, travel expenses and advertising costs for working with influencers and other advertisers). We enlisted all incurred costs involved during the process from our idea to the final product. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us; we're happy to get in touch with you if there is a need for further clarification.

Manufacturing icons

   45.00 €  Fabric
     5.60 €   Hardware
   75.00 €   Manufacturing at Studio U&N

Prototype (Pants): 6 hours (average hourly rate German master tailor: 50.00 €)
Pattern-making (Pants): 0.75 hours (average hourly rate German master tailor: 50.00 €)
Marketing biannually: approx. 8.000 € - 10.000 € to help hello’ben be visible.

Do the maths, and you’ll figure that we did not create the brand to line our pockets, we share a mission and hope to extend our hello’ben family.