Conscious - Fair - Sustainable

Embassy of bricks and logs

As a brand, Embassy of Bricks and Logs is taking a stand against the apalling practices in today‘s fashion industry while maintaining an uncompromising quality standard – creating pieces that are sustainable through outstanding craftmanship and longevity. By designing quality, favorite pieces with cuts and colors that are more than just the fad of the season, Embassy coats have an extended life-span, making them slow-fashion by definition, a counter-concept to the overproduction of today's big fashion players.
For the Embassy, it’s important that beautiful items are made beautifully, too. Fair labor conditions and safe working conditions are a must! Items made by the Embassy are designed in Germany and proudly manufactured in Vietnam. From the very beginning, we made it a point to work with smaller production partners, who are in need of the business, and are keen to grow together with us – while maintaining a friendly, even familiar vibe. We only work with partners who can guarantee good working conditions for their employees. With EMB staff on site in Saigon, it‘s easy to stay in touch with our manufacturers, assure high ethical standards, a good approach to working conditions and fair payment of the garment workers. Due to the small-business-approach, Embassy is able to ensure that every production step is done in-house: No outsourcing, no sub–contracting.
They‘re visiting our partners regularly and are working on establishing a long term working relationship with them. It's their goal to create stable business opportunities, longevity and sustainable planning for them.
They work closely with non-profit organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to make sure the whole collection is PETA-approved vegan.