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We run your vintage sales at Kari`s Vintage at Weststrasse 122

To maintain our exclusive and well-curated collection of vintage clothes, we have a few important guidelines. We kindly request that you limit your drop-off to a maximum of 1 bag of items. Due to space constraints, we can only accept garments that are suitable for the current season.
Therefore, please bring your summer dresses during summer and your Moonboots during winter. Our discerning clients are more likely to be captivated by garments that are in excellent condition and have been freshly laundered.
Our team conducts a thorough selection process at Weststrasse 122 from
Wednesday to Thursday, 12 - 18 o`clock.
We offer either a 40% cash or 50% store credit commission upon the end of successful sales (please note that we do not offer direct purchases). Store credits can be used at both boutiques and online.
We strive to maintain a stylish and enjoyable vintage collection, so we kindly ask that you refrain from bringing business attire. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us in advance at hallo@karikari.ch

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Find our selected vintage pieces at Kari`s Vintage at Weststrasse 122

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