Our values

Sustainable consumption means consuming in a way that the needs of present and future generations are not endangered, taking into account our earth's limits. More sustainability in the clothing sector requires a fundamental change in production and consumption. This means making conscious purchasing decisions for high-quality, environmentally and socially responsible clothing and extending the usage phase of clothing and the materials used for it. 
Therefore Kari Kari offers you a beautiful collection of fairly traded, ecologically and environmentally conscious labels. We select our brands according to different sustainability criteria and aim to be as transparent as possible along our value chains.
We decided to add a vintage line to our shop and sell all our last season pieces throughout the year. For us, Slow Fashion is not about the latest trends but about high quality and enduring styles. A repair service for all your clothes is available upon request in the shop.
When you receive a package from us, all the materials used are either compostable, recycled, reused and/or contribute to global reforestation.
We aim to donate a percentage of our Sales to charitable organizations. At the end of 2020 we were able to support UNICEF and GREENPEACE with a donation of 1000.-CHF each. In 2021 we donated each 500.-CHF to Femia and education for integration and another 1000.-CHF to Trees for future.
In order to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry we commit our efforts to constantly check our criteria. We want to fill gaps in knowledge by putting great emphasis on transparent communication of our sustainability practices, hoping that clothing will be valued, cared for, repaired and sold again.
In cooperation with Futuro we run sustainable fashion workshops to educate and spread the word!