Conscious - Fair - Sustainable


Frisur is an independent mens and womenswear brand designing garments to be perceived by touch.
Frisur is a personal project and therefore a reflection of our values – we treat our surroundings with respect by aiming for substantial quality.
Therefore, working in a sustainable manner is a defining element in our doing. But we believe that this topic is not such a black and white picture as it is sometimes being painted.
We work with a huge diversity of materials and whilst our products inherit some overall values such as responsible collaborations, short travel routes and most importantly long-lasting products, all of them are developed individually, using different fabrics, trimmings and treatments, we can’t just put one label on everything.
As the matter of sustainability is too important and too complex at the same time, we believe in transparency. Along every single product we offer, we communicate its specific sustainable aspects, using the icons.
This way, customers are empowered to make their own informed decision, following their individual beliefs.

The brand was founded by the two longterm friends Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder‐Plassmann. Based in Berlin, Frisur functions as the designers creative playground, built on their personal belief, drive and attitude.