Kari Kari - Conscious-Fair-Sustainable


Established in 2017, MACHETE is a line of eco-conscious, affordable jewelry for everyday wear. The tortoise shell acetate they source is high quality and non-petroleum based, imported from Italy. Cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials.
Cellulose acetate is made by extracting cellulose fibers from cotton and wood pulp to create a transparent paste. This paste can then be colored, processed, and molded for a variety of industrial applications. For our jewelry, it is cut from a large block into thin sheets, and then cut again into smaller rectangular blocks.
Jennifer J Matchett, Designer and Creative Director of MACHETE, graduated with a degree in Art History from Gainesville, Florida. 
MACHETE and its team proudly contribute continued support to the following organizations:
The CFDA Foundation, Atlanta's High Museum of Art, SCAD ; Design for Sustainability Scholarship, Every Mother Counts, Human Rights First, Global Fund For Women, Center for Reproductive Rights, The Joyful Hearts Foundation, Safe Horizon, End the Backlog, Women's March, Everytown for Gun Safety, EarthJustice, National Parks Foundation, 1% for the Planet.
MACHETE is committed to being ecologically and environmentally responsible. We work to reduce our impact on the environment by practicing waste reduction in our offices and production area.