Kari Kari offers a curated selection of sustainable brands that do not only produce ethically but they also reduce their environmental footprint like Komana, Jungle Folk, Armedangels, Kingsofindigo, Claudia Nabholz, Mara Hoffman, By Signe, Embassy of bricks and logs, Sunad, Woron, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Merz B. Schwanen, Nido, Colorant, Colorful Standard, Woodlot, Thunders Love, Rhumaa, Nine to Five, Beaumont Organic, Ombre Claire, Wild Fawn, Elsien Gringhuis, Ace & Jig, Cossac, Cus, Zamt, Lanius, Underprotection, Pura Clothing, O my bag, Swedish Stockings, Les Solides, Studio a la cave, Abel odor, Osei Duro, Kowtow, Palorosa etc.