Riviera Shopper leo
Riviera Shopper leo
Riviera Shopper leo

Riviera Shopper leo

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To carry summer on your arm and hold sunshine in one hand… this dream becomes a reality with the RIVIERA. Fabricated in the simplicity of a summer's day at the beach and manufactured with classic deck chair cotton, this bag tells the story of long, carefree days at the beach. Colors are set in the tones of postcards which we all know from our favourite beach destinations: bold, glowy and in high spirits they speak of sand on tanned skin, soft ice cream melting over a warm hand and bare feet on the rocks by the ocean. If you’re in love with the feeling of uninterrupted, carefree nights and days, the RIVIERA is your accessory for this summer. At the beach, in a café with an iced coffee....
Each bag is unique and fabricated locally in Switzerland.
Measurements: Shopper (ca. 29x38x11cm BHT, a MacBookAir fits)
Material: 100% durable, thick cotton
Price: 95.- CHF