foldable raphia bucket hat
foldable raphia bucket hat

foldable raphia bucket hat

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In Malagasy, ANDAO means "to lead" in a spirit of invitation. Boundless horizons, because this IBELIV creation in the bob (or Bucket Hat) style will take you to beautiful adventures. City, country or seaside, it's up to you to create your moment. With its raised or flat brim, the ANDAO hat is versatile and can be adapted endlessly to suit your current mood.

Narrow-brimmed bell cap.
Durable, light and foldable like all all the hats in our collection.
100% Raffia Raphia natural
100% handmade, each IBELIV piece carries subtle variations, reflecting the unique sensibility of the craftswoman who made it. Your ANDAO is entirely crocheted for a result that we guarantee to be solid.
Timeless, easily clean your ANDAO hat with a slightly damp sponge to keep it looking good year after year. Add a little neutral coloured soap if necessary.
Each piece is designed to last and grow with the years. We take the necessary time, from a few hours to several days, to offer you a product that meets all the quality requirements.
Each IBELIV creation bears the name of the woman who made it. A signature that guarantees the originality of the piece and ensures the social link between the woman who made it and the woman who embodies it.
IBELIV : Dreamed in France, handmade with love in Madagascar