Kiinski candle short
Kiinski candle short
Kiinski candle short

Kiinski candle short

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Curiously curvy candles. Moulded from carefully crafted clay sculptures that were softly pinched and formed by hand. Manufactured in a socially conscious factory in Zurich. Made with a responsibly sourced recipe of beeswax and recycled wax.

These candles are designed to burn well.

Use them. Love them. Cultivate the drip.

Pinch Candles are sculptural candles that are designed to burn well. Not for gathering dust, light them up!

Pinch candles are fragrance free.

Variations in tone occur across the range due to the unique blend of wax.

Pinch candles are deliberately made with a beeswax and  30% recycled wax recipe.
Crafted by hand in a socially conscious enterprise that supports and employs neuro-diverse members of the local community.