Zirbe Diffuser refill 250ml
Zirbe Diffuser refill 250ml

Zirbe Diffuser refill 250ml

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The alpine stone pine refill contains 250 ml of room fragrance Alpenzirbe made from naturally pure essential oils and can be used as a refill for the Alpenzirbe diffuser. The stone pine, also known as the Queen of the Alps, brings the power and stability of the Alps into your own home. It increases the quality of sleep and general well-being. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the entire respiratory system.

Arolla Pine (Pinus Cembra), also called Arve, Arbe, Zirbel or in Austria "Zirm", is an evergreen coniferous tree. Stone pines are characterised in particular by their robustness and grow mainly at altitudes of 1500 to 2000 metres above sea level. They can grow up to 25 metres high and live for 1000 years. The stone pines for the Saint Charles Diffuser comes mainly from Tyrol (East Tyrol, South Tyrol, North Tyrol) and are distilled on site at our partner in the Lienz district of the province of Tyrol.

Optimal recipe: High concentration of essential oils.
Recommendation: use 3-5 sticks individually depending on the size of the room
High quality amber glass design